Sadistic Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a sadistic helps you explore your dark desires. I am not the girl you call when you want the girlfriend experience. I am the bitch you call when you want to force fuck a tender age little thing or you want to revenge murder someone. Or you have a death wish. I kill. I maim. I torture. I do not offer vanilla phone sex. I am here for your taboo and violent fantasies. You can be my accomplice or my victim. Nothing else. I am not a fan of men who try to dominate me. I end up castrating them. You try to force fuck me mother fucker and you will be lucky if I just take your balls. I met this guy in a bar and we hit it off. He was not being clingy or sappy. He wanted to fuck a young girl and I wanted to help him. We kidnapped a little whore, took her to my cabin in the words and fucked her. Then he tried to fuck me. He was like baby this baby that and tried to put his dick in me. I had two bodies to get rid of instead of one. I killed the slut because she could ID me and I cut off the dick of my accomplice and let him bleed out. I fed them both to the coyotes. I mean it when I say I am not your girlfriend.


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