Ride ‘Em Cowgirl…

adult phone chat evonneMost girls love to fuck Dogie Style. Not me I want to be on top, in complete control, riding that dick hard and fast bringing him to the edge and then stopping and going nice and slow letting the moment pass so I can build him up again. I know just how to work that cock for maximum pleasure for the both of us. I hate it when a guy comes to soon and I know if I am on top I can ride that cowboy all night long and make his balls ache because they are so full and need to explode so badly. I can make him beg me for mercy, beg to let him have relief. That is when I tease him by letting my cum flow all over him, dripping down his balls and still making him wait until I say so for him to explode so hard inside my pussy that I can feel it shooting against the walls of my cunt. Their entire body tenses up and they are higher then they have ever been when I get done. That is why they always come back for more!

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