Make Me Wet

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My eyes were all ready surveying the faces, looking for him. He had avoided me and skirted around the heat between us for far to long.
Tonight it would end. I intended to feel his dick in my mouth. I would cover it with my spit and make him slide it between my ripe tits. I would have his meat inside the folds of my hot and wet pussy.
The images filled my head and I could feel the lust and desire building as my cunt twitched under my coat.
That is when I saw him.
I walked toward him, past all the others, ignoring the “hellos”.
Standing in front of him I opened my jacket, revealing my attire. A red corset, my tits bare and being pushed up, nipples hard.
As his face registered the sight, I closed my jacket, leaned in, and kissed him hard on the lips while grabbing his cock.
As I pulled away I bit his bottom lip giving his cock a final squeeze and whispering for him to follow me.

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