Mommy Daphne is Mad.

Kinky fetish porn

Look at this tiny dick sorry excuse of a son I have. Son you have pissed me off for the last fucking time. I just spent all weekend while you were away at your sperm donors house cleaning. You haven’t been home for more than a day and look at this fucking mess. Now on top of mommy being pissed abut the shape of this house but you are rubbing your cock in my dirty panties! You know mommy has missed your cock and cum all weekend long and now you want to waste it in my panties. That is it! Stand against this pillar right fucking now. I am going to use the roughest rope to tie you up. Then I am going to wrap that itchy rope around your cock and rub your dick. Oh it might be fun the first time.. but after the 10th time of me forcing your cock to cum.. you are going to beg me to stop touching your cock. That is where you are wrong honey.. That cock is mommies. If you are going to fucking cum, it will be deep inside of mommies cunt!

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