submissive sex

adult phone chat parkerI worship my masters feet every time I get a chance. As soon as he comes home I get one my knees and hands and I start kissing them, and the ground that he walks on. I know that he likes when his whore caters to him. It is my sole purpose in life to cater to him and serve him. I need his cock and if I am lucky enough I get it. When he does let me have his cock, I take his dick out and I waist no time to first lick his ass and taint and sweaty balls. I twirl my tongue in circles around his shit hole and move my tongue all the way up his taint to his balls. I sucked on those sweaty balls, making that cum build up. I finally was able to deep throat his dick past my tonsils. I fucked and sucked it deep and hard. I am letting master face fuck me, however he wants. I will never say no to him. I beg for him to bust his nut down my throat.

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