It’s almost an addiction

dirty mommy phone sexIt’s kinda like an addiction, what I have. Renting out my little ones and all…I’ll rent them out for anything. I rent them out for all my bills, my habits, my rent even. It’s nice having them to barter with and to not have to worry about money-wise, but the real satisfaction I get from renting out my lil brats is clearly getting off on what happens to them when they do get rented out! The only rule is no permanent damage to my little ones, when you rent them from me you can do literally whatever you want to them and I am there to watch. There because I know it’s going to turn me on, hearing and seeing them get fucked in so many different ways, seeing them become little sex slaves and doing nothing but rubbing my pussy while it’s happening turns me on…I don’t even mind if they cry. Kinda makes me think they want it more, don’t you?

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