Husband Stealer

adult phone chat carmelHave you ever felt as though you wanted to leave your wife for the next best thing if given the opportunity? Often times I get calls from guys that want to rub their cocks to their nastiest dirtiest fantasies. I feel bad for all the Mrs’ that will lose their husbands to this kinky ebony freak. She can’t deep throat your cock and lick your balls like I do. She can’t bend over and bounce a fat, juicy, round, ass on you as you make your dick disappear in my snatch. You wanted to marry a good girl to make your family proud but now you want some bad pussy. Some pussy you can call over at 3 am when your wife refuses to make love to you. I’ll meet you in the darkest alley at the latest hour just to help you empty your sac. If you chose me and I’ll be your cum guzzling ebony slut for the rest of our lives. However, if you choose your wife… you will be bored for the rest of yours.

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