Daddy FUCK ME!!!

fetish phone sex (9)

“Oh Daddy fuck me please, oh fuck me harder!” I was screaming for more and he was giving it to me just how I liked it, I was taking it like a lil pro and loving every second of it too! You see my Daddy knew I was his good little girl, and he always taught me that if I was going to be bad then I better be good at it! So I made sure to take Daddy’s cock just like a naughty girl! He was going crazy seeing me in all my teasing outfits so I finally took off my bottoms and let Daddy kiss and lick and taste my sweet tight asshole. He loved to lick it up while I rubbed his cock in my hands, while I licked it like a lollipop and then started sucking on it. He wanted to cum in my mouth but I begged for him to fuck my cunt instead and fill that up with his cum. That’s when he started slamming his dick deep into my pussy as I whimpered and screamed for more.

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