Christmas time is all about family!

2 girl phone sexChristmas time is ALL about family! All about spending time with those you love and adore most. And I think we all know I love being with my Mommy! In all types of ways too…I can’t keep my hands off her perfect body, can’t stop touching her all over and molesting her hot milf body. Mother and Daughter we are, but this time of year she’s the best present of all! I love spending all this family time together. We’re closer than you can imagine, so close…I would do anything to make my mommy happy. To please her oh so perfect pussy…I will give my mommy my body and more for Christmas this year and the other 364 days a year too. I am all Mommy’s and she knows it! I am sure she plans to take advantage of my cute teen body this year just like she does every night before bed. But this year I want to be the one to give Mommy all my attention, I mean…she did mention I would be rewarded with cookies and a hot white treat afterward so I am ready to show Mommy that I am ready to be on Santa’s naughty list!

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