Castration Adult phone chat

adult phone chatHe came into the bar for a little adult phone chat about castration! But he didn’t greet me properly. Maybe he was ashamed to be calling me mistress.  Not deterred, I loudly ordered another drink and shouted! “Oh yes, I see what the problem is. You still have your balls! The way my pet quivered and sank to the ground, I knew he had messed his panties in a crowded room completely embarrassed. I grabbed him by the chin offering him an out…

“Would you make the ultimate sacrifice for me?” I demanded.


I knew by the way his voice trembled in response to a meager response that I was expecting too much from him. He merely liked the idea of being always on the verge of cumming and one day not being about to cum ever again.  In the end, I only wanted his scrotum. I would have my balls on a platter! “Oh Really bitch boy? You’d let me take your balls?” Again he agreed to give up his very manhood. Would you let me cut them off with a Meat cleaver?” You get a kick out of me torturing your balls and cock, so I don’t think you’ll mind if I keep them myself. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? I could make a castration Jackoff porn for all other wantabes like you. What is it about castration that gets me so hot? It makes me feel pretty fucking horny to think that I have the power to decide what happens to the most important part of your body! With me in control  you can’t do a Goddamn thing about it. You are not my first teste victim! . Those jars back there? I’d love to have yours for my collection. I am going to put ice on you before we get started just because I like you so much. But your skin will still feel raw when my scalpel slices through it.

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