Bratty Girls are such a Tease

adult phone chat BrionaI love being a little tease! I like when a guy just bends at the sound of my voice and the bulge in his pants just aches to be released. I have no limitations when it comes to pleasure. If it feels good then I say let’s do it! I love rubbing my clit when men are on the phone. Just last night a caller wanted to listen to the sound of my vibrator over the phone while he jack offed! He said my voice was so sexy that he saved his load all day just for me! He told me about a fantasy he had in college about being with 12 different girls at once! I told him about my fantasy of having more than one cock at once! We laughed together and he thought it was so fun that on our next call we watched some porn together and talked about getting together for real!
I don’t usually break the rules to see anyone outside of work but this caller is so sultry that I just may bend the rules a little bit to get a peek at that meat head of his. I imagine that the fantasies we share are a little over the top but I think everyone is entitled to talk to someone about what they are feeling!
I may be a young slut but I love to listen and fantasize while rubbing my clit. If it’s real for you I think its worth talking about! I am not like that skanky bitch you are in a relationship with, my job is simple to be the whore that you always dreamed of and the nice girl next door you can talk about anything too! I will say that partying with you is the best and fucking you is even better!

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