Adult Phone Chat with P-Mommy Roxanne

Adult phone chat is perfect for a p-mommy, I get to hear all the nasty stories I like. I heard one of how a baby sitter would give her little trouble maker a bath and during bath time she would play and stroke his little pee pee. Then she would stick her fingers into his bum bum and would stretch his little as hole. It made this p-mommy so horny I got my young in house cock to eat my cunt.

Adult Phone Chat

I told him to suck on mommies’ clit like a bottle and to not stop until my juices squirted out. He did a good job but I wanted more, I turned on some Jackoff porn and told him to stick his hand into momma’s hole. It felt like I was being fucked by a nice BBC. I wanted more so I pushed his arm into my cunt more and told him to pull it out and push it back into mommies’ hole, I started rubbing my clit as he did that and then I started squirting all over his face, he then cuddled next to mommy and fell asleep.  

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