Adult phone chat with P-Mommy Kenya

Adult phone chatI took to the girls shopping for new swimsuits. They both chose cute little pink bikinis that looked great on their tiny bodies. I almost didn’t notice the man peeking into the changing rooms. I told the girls to get dress so we could pay for the swimsuits and leave. The man followed us to our car, he said that he heard about my little family and he would pay to spend time with us. He handed me $2000 and followed us home. I made the girls get completely naked and dance seductively for the very excited man. He pulled his cock out and started stroking as the girls danced. But my angels saw that huge cock and giggled. They wanted to lick on it and looked to me for approval. I nodded my head, yes and the girls kneeled between his thighs and made all his dreams come true. They licked and sucked all over his hard throbbing cock.

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