Adult Phone Chat with my Uncle

adult phone chat

Hello, I hope that you can help me. You see I have been unable to stop fingering my pussy and playing with my clit ever since I fucked my uncle. We’ve always been close, but I never talked about my crush out loud, he was my uncle. That has changed, and not only do I have a crush on my uncle I’ve had his jizz all over my face and deep in my pussy and ass. His cum tastes so yummy. He told me he didn’t think I would ever be into him since he looked so much like my dad. If he only knew. 

 I will tell you all about my incestuous adventures when you call me for adult phone chat. The same old same old isn’t cutting it anymore, and you need to go harder. Is that right? I’m your exquisitely perverse phone girl. I’ll do it all with you. Who do you need to stick your throbbing dick into? I can be her, we can find her or we can talk about him, no judgment. We can do anything you desire. My uncle loved eating his niece’s cunt. I can’t wait to feed my dad his creampie.

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