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adult phone chat

I am a real grandma, not just an adult phone chat granny. When people say the word grandma, they often conjure up images of blue haired old women in housecoats. I am not old or frumpy. My libido in my 60s, is stronger than it was in my 20s. When I was married, I had my offspring to play with, but no husband to enjoy them with. Sometimes I had a hard time keeping what I was doing with our boys from their dad. I got divorced, then my offspring had me all to themselves and no secrets. I was married again briefly, just enough to add another boy and girl to the mix. Divorced again, and now I am a sexy grandma to 8 little ones. Do you ever fantasize about your grandma? If you said no, I bet she does not act, or look like me. I am a blonde, buxom, blue eyed and hornier now than ever. And I love the young ones. No one in my family has ever been forced to play with me as a mommy or a granny. They just want to play with me. Can you blame them? Who better to teach the boys and girls the birds and the bees than someone who has been fucking for 5 decades? I can teach you how to get your little ones to want to play with you too! Want to get a little girl to suck your cock? Slather your rod with something sweet and sticky and tell her it is a tasty treat. Want to get a little girl curious about fucking? Play a few rounds of naked Twister. I am full of nasty ideas to get you in the family fucking way. I am not your typical grandma. Hell, I am not even your typical mother either. I love spreading the joy of incest.


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