Adult Phone Chat Mothers and Wives

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My first husband’s cock was never that hard. But my sons have stiff hard cocks like my husband. Younger men just appear to be better matched with mature sexy women like me. While my husband and our son watched playoff football today, I took care of their stiff cocks. Sunday Fundays need some fun right? And what is better than getting your cock sucked while cheering on a football game.

A Mommy Whore Takes Care of Your Cock While You Watch Football

I started with my husband’s cock first. He can multitask like me. Not only did he continue to watch the game, but he also finger banged his horny older wife. After my husband came in my mouth, I turned my attention to my son. His cock looked like it was ready for my mouth too. I slurped on his dick for a few minutes, but he wanted in my pussy.

I love my mother fuckers. Dirty mommy phone sex is up my alley because I really play with my sons. My daughters too. Perhaps, I am insatiable. My sexual appetite has always been large. And it rivals any man’s libido. My son wanted to fuck his mommy. He loves being right back in the place where he descended from. Straight from mommy’s womb into this world.

I think boys love that naughty factor when they think about fucking their mothers. However, my sons do not need to think about it. They get to be my mother fuckers when ever they want. So do you! I took care of my sons. Now, I am ready to take care of you.

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