Adult phone chat is so super fun!

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is so super fun, it gets me so turned on every single time! My last call was really hot, I was babysitting for this guy and when he came home he found me sucking his son’s lil dickie. Well I thought for sure that he would be mad and I’d be fired right away but instead he was like super turned on! He pulled out his cock and asked me if I wanted to play with a big dick, well duh of course I did. I started sucking it nice and deep and while I was doing that his son came up behind me and tried to fuck my pussy. He was so advanced for his age it was the cutest thing ever! Seriously, I came sooooo hard just from that but it got even better. The dad pulled me down on top of his big daddy dick and told his little boy to fuck my ass, I had them both in me all at once and I loved it! I swear I never came so hard before, I can’t wait to go back next time!

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