Adult Phone Chat In The Library With Charlotte

Going to the library is one of my favorite places to pick up big daddy dicks!

When I search around, I always look for some dirty, spicy, and naughty books and be sure to hold up and out for all to see. I want them all to know how much I love kinky and hot, dirty sex. The kind with whips and chains, along with choking, hair pulling, and degradation.Adult Phone Chat

One man with dark hair and a cute pair of glasses is caught by me, staring hard at my chest, and whenever I turn my head, flipping my hair over my shoulder I can see his eyes on my full, round ass. I saunter over to him with a sexy step in my walk and rub his arm softly with my fingers. I lean in, lingering my lips on his neck to his ear, and whisper naughty words such as “join me in the dark corner.” “I want to show you what this hot ass can do.” His face lit up red and happy while I take his hand and lead him over to the dark and quiet nook in the library, away from all other wondering and staring eyes.

I can’ help but rip off his dark red shirt smelling of a sexy cologne, only to take down his jeans and boxers with a surprisingly huge cock in my face. I smile greedily and put it up to my lips, giving it a kiss. I stare up at him in the dark and dusty corner, licking all around his tip. I pull it out with a “pop!” before going back to it and circling my tongue all around his hard shaft. I slurp, gag, and choke while massaging his heavy balls, knowing I’m about to get the best, biggest load from them! Out of excitement, I lean back and spread my sexy, smooth legs to give him entrance to my dripping cunt. He goes down on my pussy right there in the library! Slurping and licking me all up. I can’t help but cream all over his face, as soon as he laps up my juices, he shoves himself into me and I do my best to stay quiet.

He shoves my panties down my throat, grabbing my neck, and thrusts into me hard and slow. His groans just make me so much wetter. After almost half an hour of hard fucking, choking, and moaning, he cums deep into my pussy! His face is so satisfied with a sexy smile. We exchanged numbers and love to have all our affairs outside!

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