Adult phone chat fun with Marilyn

adult phone chat

I have the best time on my kinky, adult phone chat calls. I’m addicted to playing with my pussy and making men cum for me. I spend so much time fingering my holes and talking about all of the hard cocks that have been in me and all of the thick cum loads that I’ve taken. I love telling guys about the first time I got gangbanged. My tight, young cunnie was stretched and ran through by so many different dicks that night. I went to a party with my brother and his friends. I was way too young to drink but they made sure that I was having a good time. I was getting fucked up with a few older guys when I blacked out. One of the drinks they gave me must have had something in it because the next thing I knew, I was waking up with stretched and swollen holes that were dripping cum everywhere. I checked my phone and found the video that changed my life. Seeing that video of me, with a hard dick shoved in every hole, made my pussy so incredibly wet. I started rubbing my sore, beat up cunnie and texting every guy that I knew to come over for a gangbang fuck party! I’ve been a cum dump slut since that night and I need another load right now!


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