Adult phone chat fun with Marilyn

adult phone chat

I’m back from spring break and I have so many stories to tell you! I came back home with tan lines and creampie stains everywhere, so I guess you could say spring break was a success for me! I also got a bunch of new fuck toys to tease my pussy with during my hot, adult phone chat time, late at night. I’m so excited to tell you about the week I spent on the beach, getting gangbanged and stuffed with cum! I was used by some of the most massive, fat bbcs ever! I didn’t try to hide it either. I let those guys stretch my pussy open and fuck me right there on the sand, where everyone could see! When I wasn’t on the beach being used like a public cum dump, I was hopping bars and hotel rooms with random guys that I met along the way. I want to try out some of my new toys while I tell you about being the creampie queen of the beach this year!


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