Adult Phone Chat About BBC for Black History Month

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Let’s have some adult phone chat about big black cocks. It is Black History Month and now is the time to celebrate the superior black cock. I am serious men. For me, every month is Black History Month. I celebrate the big black dick. It is no myth. And my guess is that your wife is secretly wants to be a black cock whore like me. I have been in love with big black cocks since before they even had a Black History month. Now, I know technically, the month is to celebrate and recognize the contributions African Americans have given us in the arts, science, sports and other realms too. But for a black cock whore like me, I celebrate their achievements in owning white women daily. My husband stands by me too. He is no racist. He does not deny the superiority of the big black cock like so many white men too. Let’s be honest for a moment. Many white men feel threatened by black men. That is the real reason we have racism. I know race is a subject most adult phone chat women avoid, but not me. Race matters to me.  The delicate white male ego cannot handle the fact that his white wife covets big black cock. Any chance a black man has, he steals a white woman. There, I said it. 

adult phone chat

Now my situation is difference from the typical white woman’s experience. I grew up growing to a public school in Chicago. I dated a lot of black boys in my school days. I lost my virginity to a black boy with a 9-inch cock. In hindsight, he is likely huge now because he was still growing as a teen boy. I was spoiled by big black cock and hooked on it before I had ever seen a white dick. I got to college and dated a white guy and got very disappointed. I married my husband out of college. He had the smallest dick I have ever seen. He still does, but we have been married almost 30 years. And in those three decades, his black cock whore wife has celebrated Black History month daily by getting as many big black dicks as she can. Even a small black cock is bigger than my husband’s white dick. My husband loves that I am a black cock junkie. He likes to watch and fluff. For the two of us, we celebrate the achievements of black men daily. I am ready to have adult phone chat with you about the superior big black cocks. 

adult phone chat

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