Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone chat

Oh daddy I missed out on adult phone chat so so much! I want to play again but what should we do? Maybe a naughty little roleplay? You are the daddy and I am your naughty girl! Your wife left for a girl’s weekend and I’m home from college! I invite you to one of the sorority bars where I and a few of my girlfriends are playing and getting fucked up! It is a pretty private event and you are invited to come and play with all 6 of us! When you get there all of us are half naked taking body shots when you walk in. The first thing we do is offer you so shots with us and some more of the hottie party things in the back! I take you to a table where a few of us strip slowly and move our bodies against yours, giving you a hot lap dance while that cock grows harder and harder for us! I help you remove those pants and boxers before getting to my knees! A few other girls join me on the floor to pleasure your cock. The remaining give you a show of stripping and kissing. They get all of those panties off and start to lick each other’s pussies while you watch and feel us massage your cock with my tongue. Your moans make our pussies so wet! We are on our knees in front of you whimpering for more cock and more of your cum. You stand and pick my skinny little body up, laying me across the table before shoving your cock into me! All of the girls are moaning and playing with each other, with themselves as they watch you fuck me into the table. Don’t stop daddy! We all want your cum!

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