adult phone chat

adult phone chat

I am a pleaser at heart. I have a past of being pathetic and getting taken advantage of. I can not help, that my body craves to be taken control of. I love to be dominated and my daddy knows how to do that to me. He only comes and sees me when I have been bad. I have been acting out trying to get his attention. I have been wanting to see him so bad. I know he watches me frequently so I have been putting on skimpy clothing and I have been going around flirting with other men. I have been being a suggestive little whore. I want so badly for my daddy to punish me.

I would never go with these other guys, but daddy doesn’t know that. He finally surprises me today. He is so mad that I swear he is going to boil over and explode his cum rocket. I get on my knees and start begging him to forgive me. He picks me up by my hair and ties my hands and legs up. He brought some of his own tools today. I didn’t mean to make him this mad, but I am just thankful that he is giving me his attention. I start crying and pleading for him to forgive me. He slaps me across the face. My face gets hot and flushed red. Daddy is going to give it to me good today.

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