This will be a wonderful Christmas break!

adult phone chatMmm, what a wonderful Christmas break this is going to be. It’s already gotten off to a great start. My son brought home some lonely boys for the Christmas  break…they are just his age and just as perfect. I was more than happy to have them in my home and show them some mommy comfort in all sorts of ways. I am sure it was all their dirty little heart’s desire to gangbang mommy. I knew it when I caught my son’s friend’s watching me undress. I called him in the room, gave him a little wink and pretended to be mad that they had been peeping in on me. And my son knew what was going down, knew Mommy loved the attention of young boys. They were so scared until I stripped and told them to go ahead and give it a touch. They were too scared until my son started sucking my hard nipples and then they were all over me, touching my body grabbing and trying to get their hard little boners out to fuck me. Mmm, if all of Christmas break is like this is will be a fucking Christmas miracle!

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