Sexy Mother/Daughter Duo

2 girl phonesex (2)

Two is always better than one and what is better than Morgan and Madison? We are realllllly close if you know what I mean and she did her best to raise me to know what a man likes and to obey just like a good girl! We make such a great team when pleasing a man, there really is nothing quite like us, and having us cater to your every desire.  Mommy always makes me handle the dirty work and nastiest fantasies, she says I need the experience and since she’s my elder I have no choice but to listen to what she tells me to do! But to be honest, I really don’t mind being mommy’s little whore, and having all the fun in the world with her and all her guy friends she brings home for me to fuck and suck off… I love my Mommy and I love how she raised me to be her special little girl. I love looking for Daddy’s to fuck, since my Daddy is such a pathetic thing with a tiny little dick. He’ll never get to fuck me, and he doesn’t even to get to fuck Mommy!

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