Teen sex blogs with Stacy

I am a young whore who loves to listen to you rub your cock as we have some hot steamy phone sex. 

Being young I have a nice tight cunny that is willing to take a beating from your big dick.

I’m sitting here waiting for that phone to ring, I want you to listen to me as I rub my tight and wet cunny!

I started being a dirty slut when I was a sexy cheer leader.. 

 Kinky fetish porn

I noticed my coach watching me during practices. 

Before I got my titties and ass he never paid attention to me, but one day I noticed him checking me out. 

That is when I started wearing my skirts shorter, and no panties!

I loved watching him put his clipboard over his tight shorts to hide his hard cock. 

Fetish phone sex

One day after practice I waited until all the girls were gone and right as he did the locker checks. 

I was sitting there with my legs up in the air and rubbing my cunt.

Seeing his face as he watch my underage cunt drip made his cock so hard. 

I thought fucking a older man would be amazing, but I just laughed as he pumped his cock into me for 5 pumps.

He shot his load deep in my cunt.. 

Guess we will wait to see what happens next!


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