Dirty Phone Talk with Marilyn

Dirty Phone Talk MarilynThere is nothing I like more then dirty phone talk. Especially when I get to talk about my young boy and his special addiction to this mommy pussy. He cannot get enough of my cunt. You see, I am a stripper and I am nasty and incestuous. When I first started taking care of my boys cock, he was quite shy about it. But what he could not get enough of was my tits. I let him suck on them for hours. Days and days went on, and finally he could not help his urges any longer. I ran my hands down the length of his body and found that sweet little boy’s cock ready to enter my cunt. It felt so right being in my hand. I spit on the palm of my hand and started to work him from the shaft up. His little body tensed up so easily and I could not help but giggle at how cute he looked on the edge like that. It was so sexy and I whispered just how I could keep him feeling like this all night. He begged me to please let him cum. Now I love when my little boy begs me for things in every day life. I love giving him what he craves, but this time he was going to have to have some patience. I reminded him how long he made his sexy mommas wait to even touch his cock, and now I was not going to give in very easily. I took my little stud to the edge and let him dangle there for such a nice long time. And when he finally shot his load in my cunt, he knew it was worth the wait, just as much as I did. And now we take turns with erotic edge play. Would you like to join?Sexy Mommas Marilyn

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