Summer’s Teen Sex Blogs

teen sex blogsDo you ever read teen sex blogs? I do! I don’t just write them, I also read the exploits of other hot teen sluts too. This is how I get some wicked hot inspiration to do even naughtier things than usual. For example, I read on this other teen girl’s blog that she fucked her daddy with a strap on. I thought my daddy might actually enjoy that since he is always wanting a prostate massage. I bought a pretty pink strap on and some strawberry flavored lube and showed up in my sexy nurse’s outfit. Daddy got weak. I told him to bend over, it was time for his prostate exam. Instead of sliding my finger up his back door like usual, I guided my nice big pink dildo into his ass. He never saw it coming, but he was moaning and loving every moment of it. I managed to find that special spot because daddy blew his load so hard. He said I drained his cock better than ever before. I need to thank Leslie, another teen whore, for sharing on her blog what she did to her daddy. My daddy loved it. Would you like prostate exam too?

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