Mommy loves all her little ones!

dirty mommy phone sexOh Mommy loves to play with the little ones. Feel those tiny little body parts, give them kisses all over. They know I love them so much! I show them all the time, they know physical affection is the best way to show someone how much you truly love them, so they are always trying to show Mommy just that and I am too! I am going to give those tiny little bodies lots of kisses, soft at first and then a little more needy. I love to taste, that nice soft bald skin. I love it, it makes me dripping wet and the little ones squeal with excitement. They know mommy loves them so very much. Kisses for mommy, and mommy is going to show he love through some friends now. Someone that can love them too, maybe someone they can look as their new Daddy. I don’t mind sharing. They know mommy likes to share so they behave their very best and give all their love and all their body. Mmm…makes me so hot thinking about all the fun we have…

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