Pool time fun!!

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Pool games have always been the best part about swimming! My friends and I have these naughty pool games. Like who can hold their breath and suck cock at the same time for the longest amount of time. I love that one. Going down and sucking cock underwater is crazy. I love choking on a cock under water! Its amazing! We do another one where we do handstands under water and while we are standing there we get fingered or someone sucks our clits.

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We do cartwheels like that in the water. We also do the ball toss.. We see how many balls we can fit inside inside our assholes. I get about 5 in my tight ass. Then I sink down to the bottom of the pool and push those balls out of my ass as I rub my clit. It is so fucking hot. Feeling the release from the balls floating out of my ass and rubbing my clit till I fucking cum! I love our pool games!! Do you have any ideas? We need some new games!! 

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