Dominated Adult Phone Chat Dorthy

Adult Phone Chat DorthyMy boyfriend and I have been experimenting more and more with anal of late and I’ve found I liked it, thought it’s taken some getting used to as he’s stretched me out somewhat. Although he loves to torture me, he spoils me too. He loves watching me lounge by the pool like I am a pampered queen, and he especially loves it when he can remind me of my place as his submissive out of the blue. The other day we were grocery shopping and I didn’t think a thing of it when he asked me what I thought of something. I said what, and he was pointing at these huge cucumbers. I said they looked lovely, was he wanting me to make a salad? He smirked and said no, they weren’t for any salad. I looked down at the cucumbers and back up at him and told him he was nuts, that my ass couldn’t take anything near that size. Then I started looking around and hoping no one was listening in to the conversation since Anal Sex Whore Dorthythey’d damned well know what his intentions for those cucumbers was. He picked up two and placed them in the cart and said when we got home we’d see about that. We got home and I was told to go to the bedroom, undress and get out the lube and wait lying on my stomach. I then heard him come in behind me and heard the click of the lube cap open and close and then felt my ass being assaulted with one of those things. He was slow, but by God, he shoved it all the way in, I could barely move. He then started sliding it in and out of me and got out a vibe to hold on my clit. I came explosively with it inside of me and felt so empty when he withdrew it. He laughed a very wicked laugh as he carefully put those anal stretching veggies away and finished me off with a good fucking. I felt so relaxed and satisfied. He gently picked me up and ordered me to relax by the pool while he cleaned up our scene. I should have known he had something up his sleeve… for when I was soaking up the sun I was handed a very dirty glass of cucumber infused water. “Drink up babe, You don’t want to get dehydrated do you?”bdsm phone chat Dorthy

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