Not Your Vanilla GFE Sex

gfe sex apscGFE sex comes in different shades. Vanilla, grey as in fifty shades, and black. The later is my specialty. I am the girlfriend for the dominant man. The man who likes a submissive whore, a pain slut, an S and M kind of girl, the kind of girl who knows her place. I am not the girl next door type. I am not the soft bondage type either. What I am is a stupid cunt fuck pig for men who like to leave a mark. Most of my “dates” result in me being left black and blue, even red, bloody red. My last encounter I received a broken nose from a guy. Despite my yelps, despite the blood gushing out of my nose, he would not stop fucking me. He had a ball gag in my mouth while he sodomized me doggy style. My face was close to a wall. He thrust so hard and deep inside me that my face slammed repeatedly against the brick dungeon wall. My whimpers annoyed him, so he choked me until I passed out. I woke up with my eyes swollen shut from the swelling, blood matted into my long blonde hair and my ass prolapsed. Nothing vanilla about me.

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