Little Angels

adult phone chat melindaMy girls are the perfect little angels when they want to be. It amazes me sometimes how they use that to get what they want.
Just last week they had appointments at the doctor’s office. The girls were good as gold, well behaved, well mannered the entire time.
They looked adorable in their matching dresses, identically made yet different colors. Little Anna wearing pink with white lace edges and Maria in purple with white lace edges. They were just short enough that if they twirled and played their matching panties would peek out for a tease peek.
When we got to the back a new doctor appeared and introduced himself. I knew as soon as I saw their angelic faces that slutty little thoughts were running through their minds.
They are so much like their mother.
This was a simple appointment for booster shots but the girls had other things in mind.
They sweetly asked if the doctor would let them hear their heart beats. As soon as he said yes they pulled off their dresses and stood there in just panties with their chests poked out for him.
As soon as the cold metal piece of the stethoscope touched their skin their little nippies got hard.
All I could think of was that this poor guy didn’t stand a chance against my two little vixens.

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