Late Night Adult Phone Chat with Therapist Rebecca

adult phone chatI’m Rebecca, a phone sex therapist, and I’m here for you, to discuss those things you can’t share with friends or family. A little late night jackoff porn to get you off. Let my sexy, soft voice put you in a trance. Share with me those warped fantasies that make your cock hard in the middle of the night. Tell me of your desire to suck cock or how your teen stepdaughter is making you crazy. Share your wicked dream of becoming a sissy or crossdresser. Together we can make this happen. Come join me for some adult phone chat.
Maybe you woke up tonight with a rigid fuckstick from the dream you just had. It was wicked and so unlike you. You want to wake your wife up and fuck her. You need sweet release. Call me for a mutual masturbation session. I’ll help you milk every drop from that growling beast of a cock.
I’ll whisper to you and rub my smooth pussy while we talk. Let me teach you to last longer. We’ll start with a 10 min session and work up to an hour, each time making you last longer. When you are finally allowed to orgasm, it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Your big penis will love you for it, and so will your woman.
Call me anytime. I am available overnight to handle your most dire emergency. I want to be your new best friend.

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