I love helping Daddy!

teen phone chatI love to fuck up little ho’s with Daddy. They want to be my friend until they know I’m on his side. They even think I am going to be the one to give in to all their tears and screams for help. Bitch, don’t you see me helping my Daddy? Holding you down, not letting you move while my Daddy forces his cock into you? Let me show you, what a nasty slut you are. You can lick my pussy while my Daddy fucks your cunt. You will do it or I’ll snuff you out so quick, take Daddy’s big cock – I want to hear you begging for my Daddy’s cock through my pussy that I am making you taste. I am going to sit right on your face, bury it right into my wet pussy and Daddy is going to bury your pussy full of his giant cock. Stretch you out you little whore, begging for it and all. Whores like you need their face in the dirt and their ass up in the air. A cock needs to be stuffed into your ass while you eat the dirt. You nasty little bitch with all your tears and spit, just begging for that cock to fuck your ass raw. You know you’ll even be sucking his cock afterwards – sucking it like a greedy cum guzzling whore… but you know what? You’re not done yet – Daddy and I need to see some pain, and some blood!

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