Daddy’s Girl Forever

fetish phone sex (8)Daddy can’t you see how cute I dressed up for you? My sexy lingerie is straight out of Mommy’s closet! And I hear you at night, giving mommy your big daddy dick; I hear her screaming and begging for more. I want to do that to do that to you Daddy. I wanna give you all of me, my perfect sweet body. I’m your darling little girl, your favorite daughter – aren’t I? Show me that you love me, show me that I am your favorite. Spoil me with your throbbing dick. I want every last inch! I know it’s fat and long, I know it’s going to hurt making its way deep into my wet little cunny but I don’t care as long as you are happy Daddy! I hope it’s clear I would do anything to please you! Whatever it takes! I’d do anything for you Daddy and I know you can’t resist this soft body, this tiny bald pussy lips or these adorable perky titties! My puffy nipples are hard with anticipation for your big shaft, oh Daddy can’t you see how badly I want this?!

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