Christmas Dinner at Mama’s house

adult phone chatCelebrate Christmas at Mommy’s house just like you do every year. You know it’s gonna be a great time with such a naughty mama. Plus all of your sisters, cousins, and nieces are coming too. You know Mom has trained them well on how to please a man. Look at those cute little dresses with the lacy panties on underneath. Tell Mommy which one you want and we’ll have family fun time. Of course, I’ll be here wearing your favorite leather mini, silky blouse, and those high heels that you love to throw over your shoulders when you’re buried deep inside of me, calling out my name. My hairy cunt is always horny for more. Sex with my boy relatives is truly the best part of Christmas. There’s always room for one more in this slutty, incestuous family. Come join us for Christmas dinner. Hot juicy pussy and young cock is on the menu.

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