Big Bouncy Breasts

adult phone chat glendaI am a sexy BBW with big bouncy breasts. I was talking to this guy I met at a Memorial Day party on Skype this morning. He didn’t believe my tits were real, so I pulled them out of my dress to prove to him that they were all natural. Silicone is for dolls. I bounced up and down so he could see how they moved up and down. Only real tits bounce. He was amazed, almost hypnotized. They are quite spectacular if I do say so myself. He asked if I could lick my own nipple. Of course I can! I demonstrated using both of my boobs. I love it when a guy creams on my tits because I love licking his cum right off of them. I guess you could call me a cum whore. Hell, I am just a whore. A full figured big breasted cum guzzling whore. Isn’t that what every man loves?

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