Adult Phone Chat With Slutty Alanza

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I take every slutty opportunity I have to fulfill your Adult chat sexual fantasies. You know you want it, you know you need it. Wet pussy throbbing for your cock! You’re the type of guy that loves sluts that have no limits. You want a deviant girl so you can get down and dirty and fuck all night. The girl that will do anything and make you do everything! Blow, cum and cock and money rule my world. I can not have any one of those without the other. Read on for a sluyty tale of fucking and whoredom. On a cold dark night I searched the streets for cock and some payment. I knew I was taking a chance. But the thrill of trying and hoping not to get caught had me so fucking hot that I couldn’t help it. I wanted to stop several times while I was a head of the game. But each time when the opportunity arose and I knew there was a chance I could get caught, the thrill of trying to get away with it made me go for it.

Finally my fucking luck ran out. I picked the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong fucker. How was I supposed to know he knew my people? How was I supposed to know he was a regular and knew the prices? I had fucked him last week and all was fine. I had been taking dick and not giving The headman his cut. Well, He sent this fucker after me. I knew it would be sadistic jackoff porn time! Three other men showed up for a hot gang bang with me on camera. They punished me within an inch of my life. Each of them fucking me until I bleed out. Am I a twisted and sick Sexy slut for enjoying this?

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