Adult Phone Chat PMommy Fucks For Drugs

Adult Phone Chat

I have other hobbies besides adult phone chat, although most of them are sucking cock for a line of coke. Even though I have eight brats at home, I still love to party. Snow, ice, grass, tar, dust, you name it and I love it. I will do absolutely anything to catch a high. That’s how I got into being a lot lizard. I mean, yeah, my momma used to make me work the lots when I was a young one, but I had stopped for a long ass time, just working the diner.
Then, my habits got more expensive. Now, I’ll let a line of men run a train on me, stretching out my tight anal fuck hole and using me as an anal cum dumpster as long as I can get and stay under the influence. I like drinking, yeah. Getting drunk and having sloppy drunk sex can be so fucking hot, but what I really love is some heavy party time fucking. I like my partner to get as fucked up as I am, and I want to pass out while he uses my body for pleasure.
Even tonight, when I log off, I’ll be hitting the lot to suck some cock. I need some fucking snow in my life, and I need it now. Being a druggy whore keeps my trashy MILF pussy soaking wet, and my other fuck holes way relaxed so I have no trouble taking all this filthy, nasty perverted trucker cock. Maybe I’m fucked up, but who cares if I’m sucking your cock for next to nothing? Unlock the cab door baby, and let me in.

Sexy Milf

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