Adult Phone Chat With Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts are the best at draining your balls without laying a hand on you. Just their voices and the roleplays can have you squirting your load so fast. I have a favorite caller that I play his mommy. I catch him doing naughty things with my panties and then punish him. I just love to put him over my knee and spank his cute little bottom. Of course, that gets his cock hard and makes my pussy so wet. I always have him put panties around his cock and stroke it. I love to hear him and when it gets really wet, I make him put the phone close so I can hear every slick glide of his hands. Don’t think I am not rubbing my pussy while we talk either. When his cock is nice and wet, I slide my juicy wet mommy pussy down on top of him. Then I ride my baby boy. I mean hard and fast. I love to hear him moan. I tell him mommy wants him to plant his seed inside of me. That gets him even more excited and that cock starts to get thicker and I ride faster and harder, finally draining his balls inside of me. I am hot just thinking about all of that baby. I might just have to watch some jackoff porn while I wait for your call.

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