Adult Phone Chat Fat Queen

adult phone chat

I’m ready for some really hot adult phone chat today, aren’t you? It’s scorching hot outside so we might as well make our sexy chat that hot, too. I can’t fucking wait to hear what turns you on. I’ve been getting a lot of calls from guys who want to see their wives or girlfriends get fucked by a big black cocks and that so freaking exciting to me, so I’m happy for the influx of these guys. Big girls like me always love big cocks and black guys fucking love us. I can’t really blame them can you? 

Watching a giant chocolate dick slide inside me and stretch my fat cunt out and then fuck it until it’s filled with a hot load of sticky cum. Watching it drip out of me and then scoop it up so I can eat it really makes me fucking horny all over again. Do you want to hear about all of my naughty sexcapades with giant black cocks? I want you watch me get fucked in ways that you couldn’t ever do to me. I’ll be waiting to humiliate you for your lack of cock. I’m ready for a good time. Are you?

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