Adult phone chat with Master

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat is what Master is craving and of course I cannot even think about saying no to him. I know what awaits me and I am more than excited for it to come to fruition. Master has been telling me that it’s almost the Fall time and he has decided to switch things up a little bit with how he decides to treat me and use me as his submissive little cunt. I asked Master why he felt like he needed to rethink the way he punishes me just because it’s becoming the Fall time, all he told me in reply is that the Fall time is when shit starts to get spooky. I wasn’t quite sure what Master meant and all I could do was patiently wait for him to show me exactly what the fuck he was referring to. Master has lots of fetishes and fantasies that he enjoys acting out upon me. All those horror movies that he watches sure doesn’t help either, lol! All it does is feed the fire and only provoke him to want to get even nastier. He’s such a dirty Master and I am such a filthy cunt! Master surprised me and brought me down to a dungeon that he has secretly been building to give me as a gift. It’s quite frankly the best damn gift that I have ever received! Master had me strip down naked and at times put on different lingerie outfits for him to enjoy. I was tied up and beaten by Master, he put a ball gag in my mouth and told me to shut the fuck up when I would whimper. Master told me that his punishments were only going to get worse as it became closer and closer to Halloween and we delve deeper into the Fall time. Master and I love to watch jackoff porn together when he gives me the treatment that I deserve.

Jackoff porn

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