Adult phone chat

Adult phone chat 

  I was asked out on a date with this wealthy man last night. I would love to take the time to express how everything went. First, we met at a restaurant that had a band playing, It was my best friends birthday, He walked right up to me and asked to take me out. I have to admit he was a beautiful man that was loaded. He told me that us girls could come back to his boat for an evening dinner. We accepted with no hesitation. There were so many people but all I wanted was to figure out this man. I wore a gorgeous spilt dress. I was on his arm all night. He introduced me to everyone. He was making me so wonderful. He was a gentleman he waited for everyone to leave. I stayed the night with him. and wow his bedroom was perfect. Who knew a man could be so neat. Then, he pulled out his toys. I was shocked by how many he had. He said he was a sex fanatic. I had no idea. I would have never guessed. He tied me up bounded me and spanked my smooth sweet body. I was fucked and fucked some more. I loved it and I hope I can show him that I need this in my life. It’s rare to have good guys in bed that will dominate you like you should.

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