Adult phone chat with Bambi

Adult phone chatI love my family so much. It’s just me, Daddy and my two older brothers in a tiny trailer. Momma comes and goes as she pleases and we haven’t seen her in months. Daddy says I’m the woman of the house and it’s my duty to please him. Me on my knees with his huge cock in my mouth always makes him smile. I suck my brothers’ dicks, too! But we have to sneak around behind Daddy’s back. But when Daddy gets really drunk he makes me and my brothers act out all of his favorite pornographic scenes. He likes having total control over me and my siblings. He allows me to fuck my brothers but only when he’s there watching us. The sexual tension in our home is explosive and it keeps my tight cunt wet 24/7. My family keeps all of my holes busy, stuffing their large dicks into my tiny holes all day and night.

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