Adult phone Chat

Jackoff porn Master surprised me yesterday with a special treat. He told me we were going to make another Jackoff porn video to circulate the BDSM porn sites on the internet. I just dig making these little skits with Master we have so much freaking fun together. We do all sorts of different skits a wide variety ranging from light BDSM like spankings and bondage to hardcore nasty BDSM porn. Yesterday Master was in a very sadistic mood which is an extra special little treat for me. Master brutally used my worthless whore body inside and out for his pleasure. We started out where he hogtied me and strung me up from the ceiling Then he took a bullwhip and started whipping my flesh hard. I had a gag in my mouth so my screams were muffled. My body started swinging as he whipped me faster and harder. Snot, tears, and drool were making a sloppy wet mess of my face. I could feel the heat come off my body. The welts popped up off my skin and some of the welts broke open as he continued to brutalize my body. I could feel the blood stream down my body and I watched my blood hit the floor. I know this was pleasing Master. He stood there for a few minutes watching my beat up body dangle from the ceiling. He then pulled out his cock and pissed all over my open wounds. I squirmed and screamed at the pain. My cunt became a dripping fucking mess from his pain that he was inflicting. I never considered myself a painslut but as much as it hurt I wanted more I could feel my cunt wanting to explode just from the pain alone. Master saw that I was enjoying all of his torment and this made him happy. So happy in fact that we went all day into this morning.

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