Adult Phone Chat With A Slutty Babysitter

Adult Phone Chat

I’m Pepper, your perfect babysitter slut who is paying her way through college by talking dirty and getting her pussy fucked by strangers! I love babysitting and being a hot teen slut, whenever the parent’s come home from their outings I make sure to offer my tight bald pussy up for a fun threesome or just to let older men eat my pussy for a really good tip. The money helps but I really just enjoy being a hot little whore who fucks older men and even their wives. Sometimes when I get a ride home I like to suck cock as a way to say thanks for being a cool daddy who loves his babysitter. When I go back to school with my wallet full and my twat full of daddy cum, I smile and think of all the fun I had getting fucked hard while the kids are sleeping peacefully in their beds—they have no idea what a good little babysitter slut I am for their parents.

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