Adult phone chat about WHores

adult phone chatLet’s have a little sexy adult phone chat about whores. Who are paid for any and all types of sexual fetishes. See, I was destined to be a paid for sex work bimbo. Daddy groomed me early and got me hooked on that powder! He would give me a little and touch me when I was young. If I wanted more, he said I had to do more. I remember one of his first excuses was that it was expensive and he needed stress relief for working hard to provide for me and my brother. And as the female offspring It was my job. Mommy was always strung out and she got too far in the BBC scene. I though daddy hated that, but as the years went in, I understood he needed mommy to fuck black men. He got off on it and he got a great discount for his blow. But mommy was an aging whore. He saw a blonde bimbo early, and besides the daddy cock and coke he made me into what I am.

I watched every fetish Jackoff porn …

I worked out, I learned how to walk in heels and dance like the best strippers in LA. He brought his stripper whores over to give me the ins and outs of dancing and fucking in The VIP room.


They taught me the art of girl on girl.


Mommy was for fucking black dick and staying high. You could say she was a BBC and cocaine trophy wife. I was daddies next step in the whore world. He saw potential in me for more than just being a gangbang whore. WHich I am truely. Being turned out early To men who needed sweet young ass, taught me that men need to have every fetish met. And not all men can have easy access to women who will do the most taboo shit.

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