Kinky phone chat with Gwen

Kinky phone chat

I love being a phone sex whore! I get to cum over and over again all fucking night! Talking to sexy men like you is the cure to cabin fever. This winter sure is cold and I love staying inside with a warm adult hot chocolate. I love staying inside and making myself moan. When the phone rings, my pussy gets so fucking wet! I love listening to you stroking your cock as we talk. I want to tell you everything I fucking want to do you! I want to rub your cock against my lips. Slip your cock in my mouth and suck it down my throat. I want you to go balls deep into my throat. Fuck my throat and spank my ass. Stick your fingers in my pussy as I suck your cock and make me cum all over your fingers! Oh fuck the way you finger fuck me is so god damn hot! Lets make this a wild Christmas and have tons of phone sex! 

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