You’re An Undercover Panty Boy

adult phone chat parisYou may be a high powered executive during the day but I know your dirty little secret. Underneath that expensive suit you like to wear pretty silky panties don’t you? I spotted you at the grocery store this weekend bending over to grab something from the bottom of the shelf. Your shirt was untucked and I could see the top of some pretty purple panties peeking out. Imagine my surprise finding out that my daddy’s boss is secretly a panty boy! I just couldn’t resist walking up behind you and taking a few pics. Then I slid my finger under the top of your panties and snapped them right against your waistband. You jumped so far in the air anyone would have thought you were on fire. It was the funniest thing ever. Now that I know your kinky little secret you better believe I’m going to use it to my full advantage. Time to go to the mall and shop! On your dime of course, it’s the least you can go do for me keeping quiet about your panty fetish. After all, I don’t think your co-workers would respect the boss very much if they knew that you like to prance around in pretty pink panties now would they? I am going to have some much fun milking your wallet over this one and taking lots of compromising pics to use as ammunition of course. That way if you ever even think about telling me no, I’ll have all I need to end your career. Sucks to be you right now doesn’t it?

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